Garth is a character in the minecraft fanfiction "Minecraft: The Modders.".

Garth is the strongman of the group, installing mainly Combat based mods like the Battlegear and Medieval Mods, he also installs the Mob Talk and Cute Mobs mod along with Jerry and Mike, this is the main plot of the series so far.


Garth uses a Helghast Assault Infantry Soldier skin in the first chapter, but after that he uses Skincraft due to seeing Jerry's new skin (a flash game on Newgrounds.) to make his own skin, Mike and Jerry do the same.

Garth's new skin is a mix of a Medieval Knight and a Bandit. this skin has no hemet, a large brown beard and long hair tied in a ponytail of the same color and caucasian skin, it also has leather pants, no chestpale exposing Garth's chisled chest and arms, and a pair of iron gloves and boots, he also now has a sheath for his diamond sword "Excalibur" on his back.



  • Garth treats Jerry like a little brother or a son, he is somewhat protective of him and becomes paniced when Jerry is hurt (Example: Chapter 1 where he acidentally hits Jerry when swinging his sword at Andr, he is slightly scared due to the large wound, hee frantically searches the kitchen cabinets for a healing potion and is relived when Jerry is healed), he also hates when Jerry is alone with any of the mobs other then Yaebi who he trusts due to being male and more of a platonic friend to Jerry rather then a romantc intrest like Cupa and Blazette see Jerry as.
  • Garth Sees Mike as a slightly antagonizing Friend, he tolerates him because he has his funny and smart moments, but sometimes he needs a reminder why he doesn't kill Mike out of anger.


Garth at first has a very Angry and Cold personality, but it's revealed that he is more of an overprotective Brother of Father to Jerry, he shows a dislike for anyone who threatens Jerry with injury or death, he will physicaly assault anyone who does that to him or Jerry, Mike he wil defend from time to time.