Jerry is a Main character in the minecaft FanFiction "Minecraft: The Modders"

Jerry is the techneoogical genious of the group but he is incompetent in combat which is symbolized by him just having a Wooden sword, exclusively installing a handful of mods like ComputerCraft and BuildCraft, he also installed KitchenCraft, the TV mod, along with Little Blocks, the Guilliver mod and clay soldiers. he installs Mob Talk and Cute Mobs Mod, he also is the one who proposes the idea of installing the mod, kicking off the series and the current main plot.


Jerry originally has a Teenage Steve skin, this signifiys his status as the youngest member of the trio of Modders and the weakest physically, the oldest being Garth. he keeps this skin untill chapter 2 when he sees a flash game on a website he frequents can change his skin (Skincraft and Newgrounds respectivly.), he makes his new skin in the break between chapter 1 and 2, but 2 is when it debuts.

Jerry's new skin is a Teenage boy with very short white hair, Magenta eyes, an black tanktop , he also has black lensed welders goggles that normally rest around his neck along with a pair of orange cargo pants and brown work boots, he also now has a toolbelt which has a wrench, plyers, boltcutters, and a hammer on it, he can use all those items to.